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Lucretia Saville Weems

Trained at U.C.L.A. in the Landscape Architecture program, Lucretia has been designing gardens in the western United States for over 20 years. She has created landscapes small enough to step across and large enough to get lost in. Researching plants for a design project, she came across the name of a female plant explorer working in the late 1700s. As she found more stories of forgotten women doing important work in the field, she knew those stories had to be told. Lucretia lives, works and gardens in Southern Oregon. 

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More About Me...


We've been taking out the lawn at each of our houses since 1999.


In my 20s, I started my first design business making one-of-a-kind fashions out of vintage fabrics. This was my logo.

Pomegranate Preschool.jpg

I was the garden teacher at Pomegranate Preschool for the Arts for many years.Lots of work, and very fun!

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Me in the "classroom" in France.

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