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My next book, Garden History Heroines: The Americans before 1930

is in the works! 


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is now

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Heroines in the History of Botany 1650-1850

The women in these pages led amazing lives. Some encountered pirates, some witnessed historic earthquakes, some received visits from the Queen.
Each was a true
heroine who contributed dramatically to plant knowledge before the word botany even existed.

They explored, collected and propagated plants alongside men. Their work was underscored by courage, determination and intelligence yet their historic endeavors were too often barely acknowledged.
Hundreds of years have passed, and their names have been largely forgotten. Here are the remarkable stories of their lives and work, that we may know them and that their stature be reclaimed and celebrated anew. 

This Wild Life cover.png

Read a review of This Wild Life in the Jackson County Master Gardener newsletter

Discover the Brilliant Stories of
Botany's Forgotten Heroines

“I like this wild life we are living, half in the open air;

everything is an incident..."       MARIA GRAHAM

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